groupIDC Engineering’s owner and founder, Julie VanDyne has been involved in the power industry since 1978. Just prior to graduation from Ohio University’s College of Engineering, she began work in the consulting field as an electrical engineering intern and continued her work as a private consultant until 1981, when she joined American Electric Power.

At American Electric Power, Ms. VanDyne developed a foundation in generation, transmission, distribution and substation design, as well as a broad experience in industrial power systems. From the 14-year tenure at AEP, a total of 10 years were spent in the industrial power arena.

Upon leaving American Electric Power, Ms. VanDyne rejoined the consulting industry and helped develop a broad based consulting engineering program at a mid-sized electrical services company in northwest Ohio, where she has since employed another talented engineer, Sherri Muhlenkamp (also the Vice-President).

From her experiences, Ms. VanDyne has developed a consulting process that accents not only professionalism, but total quality control from project inception to completion.

A broad range of Quality Control procedures are utilized to assure that the client is served quickly, efficiently, and completely. These procedures are also allowed to evolve, enabling IDC Engineering’s clients to benefit from the firm’s ever growing experience base.

IDC Engineering is fully covered under both general business and professional liability insurance.